Elf on the Shelf

11/25/13:  Elf on the Shelf History

If you are not familiar with the “Elf on the Shelf”, in short it’s a Book/Video/Elf Doll that you buy at bookstores and other stores so your family can adopt the elf/Santa’s helper.  After you adopt your Elf, you go online and name it and place it in your house.  When you register it online, Santa knows the Elf is now alive and the Elf goes back to the North Pole each night to report to Santa how your children are behaving.  Each night before the kids wake up, the Elf returns home into a new spot.  So, every morning your kids will try to find where the Elf went.  On top of that, if anyone touches the Elf, he loses his magic and will not be able to Santa.

We adopted our first Elf (Johnny) for both boys in 2012 and he was a big hit.  The boys had such a fun time trying to find out where Johnny was every morning, we decided to adopt another one so each boy has their own Elf.  “Johnny” would be Derek’s Elf and our new elf was named “Kevin” after the Blue Power Ranger and he would be Drew’s Elf.  Johnny was a well behaved Elf back in 2012 and just appeared in a different place each morning.  Ever since we adopted Kevin, now Johnny and Kevin have started to have a lot more fun in the house and have been caught getting in their own bit of trouble.  Here are some picks of what is going on and ideas for your Elf :)



11/25/13:  Kevin’s First Night

After adopting Kevin and registering him online for Santa, we placed him out on Drew’s bookshelf.  Drew placed him next to his Power Ranger book since he was named after the Blue Power Ranger.  He also created several drawings and wrote  a nice letter so Kevin could take it to the North Pole.



11/26/13:  Kevin and Johnny Return for the Season

The night after we adopted Kevin, both Elf’s came back from the North Pole and made the first appearance in the Boys playroom.  They were caught on the top shelf of the closet with crayons in hand.  On the floor, they apparently left the boys a note on a drawing pad saying they love them and they each made drawings of themselves and the boys.




11/27/13:  Good View to Watch!

For the second night, Kevin and Johnny found a great spot above the Breakfast Table hanging on the Window.  (Pictures coming soon)

11/28/13:  Elf’s in the Christmas Tree

For the third night, Kevin and Johnny saw that we put up the tree and sure enough, they parked themselves near the top on some branches.

Johnny-Tree Hanging-XmasTree-Kevin

11/29/13:  Watching Video Game Use

Kevin and Johnny was watching the boys from above the area they play their video games to make sure they were behaving.  (Pictures coming soon)

11/30/13:  Becoming Mischievous – TP Anyone?

Apparently Johnny and Kevin have made some new friends (Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from Transformers and Buzz Lightyear and Rex from Toystory along with a few other Dinosaurs and Dragon toys from the playroom).  They apparently had a wrestling match in the pool bath and then apparently TP’d the wrestlers.  The toilet paper also must have stuck to their feet as it was dragged down the hallway and up the wall to their hiding spot.





12/01/13:  Tandem Parachuting

It looks like Johnny and Kevin made friends with some Army Men and apparently went Tandem Parachuting off the 2nd Story Staircase.  The only problem is that they both apparently got stuck on the Chandelier.  No worries, a rescue attempt was in the works.   Buzz was organizing their friends from upstairs.  He had Optimus and Bumble bee manning the pillows on the floor in case they fell.  He had Goliath and the Dragon helping anchor the safety line for them to climb down.  Oh yeah, they apparently used a 50 foot Ethernet Cable as the safety line and lassoed it to the chandelier.

Chute_0012 Chute_0045

Chute Chute_0018

Chute_0027 Chute_0026 Chute_0039

Chute_0036  Chute_0001 Chute_

12/02/13:  Snowball Fight vs the Bionicles

Johnny and Kevin were at it once again. Apparently, the Bionicles from the boys play room were getting jealous that Johnny and Kevin befriended Optimus, Bumblebee, Buzz and Rex and decided to take measures into their own hands.  When we woke up, we found  a Snowball War going on in our Dining Room on our Dining Room table.  It was the Elf”c Crew vs. the Bionicles.  They each put up their castle and had their armies and apparently a large snowball fight took place.  Okay, not real snowballs.  They apparently found some marsh mellows in the pantry and used them as snowballs.  It looked like the Elf Crew won, but not without casualties.  Buzz being the hero he is, apparently took the brunt of the attack and was found on his back with tons of snowballs everywhere.  However, I do think the Bionicles will be working up a revenge sometime soon.

War_0073 War_0052 War_0055

  War_0081 War War_0070

 War_0086 War_0062
War_0059 War_0075

12/03/13:  Sword Battle with Friends

Kevin and Johnny were watching the boys from the day before play with their Nerf Swords and decided to have some fun as well.  Dragon Jousting anyone?  (Pictures coming soon)

12/04/13:  Christmas Train Fun

Setup a new Christmas Train around the tree and sure enough, Johnny and Kevin find it and go for a ride during the first night of the train.  They also apparently helped themselves to some mini Hershey Bars and left a note for the boys.

Train_0093  Train_0092

 Train Train_0098

12/05/13:  Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Elves!

Johnny and Kevin decided to have a little breakfast with Santa and some friends this morning.  Oh yeah, did you noticed they took a pair of scissors and cut out the Trix Rabbit and poked their own head through.  Geez, what a mess.  (pictures coming soon)

12/06/13:  Remote Controlled Flying

Watch Out!  Johnny and Kevin made it up stairs into Derek’s room and found his Remote Controlled Piper Plane and decided to fly it around the house and he apparently crashed into some of Derek’s Trophies.

 Plane_0011  Plane_0010

12/07/13:  Bowling for Bumblebee

The boys and the gang found their way into the hallway and decided to turn it into a bowling alley!  (Pictures coming soon)

12/08/13:  Cross Go and Collect $200!

The guys found one of the monopoly games in the playroom and decided to play against their Transformers and Toy Story friends.

 Monopoly_0109 Monopoly_0113 Monopoly_0131

Monopoly_0115 Monopoly_0136 Monopoly_0126

12/09/13:  The Stockings are up!

The stockings went up this past weekend and guess who found them during the night.


12/10/13:  Hanging Out with other Christmas Friends

This morning the boys were really worried because they couldn’t find the Kevin and Johnny anywhere at all in the house.  Apparently their Christmas Camoflauge made it hard to find because they literally were right in front of them the whole time.  They were caught hanging out with other Christmas Friends right on the Sofa Table which sits right in front of the breakfast table.  They were literally 10 feet from them and they never saw them until I said to look a little closer.


12/11/13:  Wrestle Mania – Undertaker no longer undefeated!  (21-1)

Apparently this morning, Kevin and Johnny made friends with the wrestlers and had their own Wrestle Mania in the living room.  For those of you that following wrestling, you know that the Undertaker has an undefeated Wrestle Mania streak going on (21 consecutive wins – never defeated).  Well “The Streak” has come to an end!  As you can see, Johnny has him pinned and down for the count while fellow wrestlers watch on.

Wrestling Wrestling_0001

Wrestling_0003 Wrestling_0004

12/12/13:  Oh oh, Mommy will be mad at bad bathroom behavior

Johnny and Kevin made it upstairs to the boys bathroom and found out that you can apparently write with toothpaste on mirrors.  They decided to take some of their building blocks and build a ladder to write the boys a nice note on the mirror with their tooth paste.
Bathroom_0013 Bathroom_0014

12/13/13:  Tennis Practice in the house

Kevin and Johnny found some old tennis racquets and tennis balls and decided to play tennis in the house.  Bumble Bee was using a shield to deflect balls as he apparently as he and Buzz were the targets.

Tennis_0186 (21)  Tennis_0186 (7)
Tennis_0186 (4) Tennis_0186 (15)


Tennis_0186 (1)

Tennis_0186 (13) Tennis_0186 (10)


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

12/17/13:  UNO Night

Apparently it was game night as the boys and friends got together and were caught playing UNO in the Family Room.

UNO_0326 (1) UNO_0326 (3)

UNO_0326 (4)








12/18/13:  Roasted Marsh Mellows

Since it was a cold night, Johnny & Kevin decided to roast some marsh mellows over the candles on our dining room table.

ROAST-MM_0330 (1) ROAST-MM_0330 (2)

ROAST-MM_0330 (4)

12/19/13:  ZIP Line Fun

The boys decided to hook up a long ethernet cable to the 2nd story stair case and to the AV Cabinet to create a Zip Line in the house.  Knocking over some stuff along the way.  But they had Optimus and Bumble Bee securing the rope on one end of the stair case as an anchor and Buzz and some duct tape to secure the other end.

ZIP-LINE_0502 (1) ZIP-LINE_0502 (6)



ZIP-LINE_0502 (3) ZIP-LINE_0502 (5)

ZIP-LINE_0502 (8)

ZIP-LINE_0502 (2) ZIP-LINE_0502 (4)

12/20/13:  Candy Treats and Captured Bionicles

Johnny & Kevin brought back some special Hersey Bars and Twix Bars directly from the North Pole for the boys to eat on their last day of school before Christmas break.  But, it wasn’t an easy task as they had to fight off and capture some Bionicles that were trying to take the Candy.

ELVES13_ (16) ELVES13_ (17)

ELVES13_ (21) ELVES13_ (18)

ELVES13_ (19) ELVES13_ (20)

12/21/13:  Bionicles Strike Back

With the Bionicles upset from the lost Marsh Mellow/Snow Ball fight back on 12/2/13 and the containment of fellow bionicles after trying to get some treats on the previous night, you knew revenge was upcoming.  Sure enough, an all out attack in the upstairs hallway.  Bionicles recruited some heavy artillery (Star Wars AT-AT’s and AT-ST’s) in order to help punish the Elf organization.

ELVES13_ (22) ELVES13_ (23)

ELVES13_ (28) ELVES13_ (26)

ELVES13_ (25) ELVES13_ (27)


12/22/13:  Christmas Story Time

Johnny & Kevin gathered up all the fellow stuffed animals and toys in the house and decided to read Christmas stories to them.

Reading_0004 (1) Reading_0004 (2)

Reading_0004 (3) Reading_0004 (4)

12/23/13:  Relaxing on the job

After a hard month of work and play, the boys were taking a break to get ready for the last night at the DeBrocke House.  We found Johnny & Kevin snoozing away in a Kleenex bed in the upstairs hallway with a nice sign (made out of wrapping paper) taped to the wall for the boys.










12/24/13:  Oh oh – Caught on Video

After being so careful not to be caught moving around, Johnny & Kevin got caught on the webcam in the office.  Apparently they found out where we keep the main computer and decided to have some fun.  They brought up Dad’s Cell Phone to play some games on his phone (Jurassic Park Builder) and took some selfie’s as well.  On top of that, they got caught playing Battlefield 4 and watching Santa’s Christmas Countdown Clock.  After realizing they were caught on video, they then tried to disconnect the webcam.  Luckily they couldn’t find the recorded file and we still have it.  View the video below.  The boys went crazy :)

The video is 10 minutes long, here are the key timeline points:

  • 00:20 – First Appearance walking on the desk
  • 00:35 – Starting to write the boys a note
  • 00:39 – Both are seen for the first time in the video
  • 01:13 – Starting to play with Dad’s cell phone
  • 02:14 – Playing Jurassic Park Builder (one of the boy’s favorite games)
  • 04:01 – Done with the phone, time to get down to some BF4 business and need to setup the controllers
  • 07:00 – Selfie’s are taking place
  • 09:45 – (Close ups) – Realizing they were caught on WebCam and trying to disconnect it



Here are some of the Selfie’s taken on Dad’s phone.  You can see them taking them on the video and the flash going off.