When you come to visit our light show, we ask that you please respect a few rules in order for everyone to have a good time.

  • Please respect our neighbors property.
  • Don’t park on the grass or block driveways.
  • Be courteous to others and turn off your headlights during the show.
  • Leave room for vehicles to pass on the street.
  • If you get out of your car to dance or view the show and you have the music cranked up so you can still hear it, please keep it down low to not disturb our neighbors.
  • Do NOT cross the sidewalk into our yard for your own safety. The display uses a large amount of electrical power (300+ Amps) and live electrical cords are running on the ground and are designed to blend in with the yard.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt so please don’t chance it. Even when the lights off, live power is running and the computer is simply not broadcasting the show – so be CAREFUL!